A Praiseworthy Blurb for “Just Us”

The Just Us vocal quartet exhibits love of well-written song and love of that mystical place where only these songs can take you; a place where taste and vulnerability abound. They delight in preserving and interpreting what is now known as the Great American Songbook, those songs that make you want to return to a place in memory where love was new and the summer nights were twilight soft. Just Us lives there. They have that rare knack of selecting material that is meaningful to both themselves and to their audience as participants, I’ve focused on the aural but Just Us are also superior performers who have much presence. They are a visual delight, as much fun to watch as to listen to. This charming quartet consists of Barbara (the Blonde and soprano), Janette (the Brunette and alto), Brian (the Lion, tenor and musician) and last but not least, Paul (the small and the bass). Whenever they appear close to you, do your eyes and ears a favor and support this joyful quartet. I guarantee when you leave you will feel better than when you arrived.
Roger CraneFree Lance WriterInternational Review of Music, The LA Jazz Scene, All About Jazz